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Stevia the perfect sweetener for weight loss

Sugar is bad for weight loss and weight management. So, how is Stevia any different? What makes Stevia the perfect sweetener with the benefits of weight management?

Stevia Rebaudiana, or Sweet Tulsi (as it is known in India), is a shrub that is native to Paraguay and Brazil. Used as a sweetener for centuries by the natives, this sweet herb is nothing less than pure magic. Slowly gaining popularity across the world for its sweetness and numerous health benefits, Stevia is the perfect substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Weight loss and weight control is an important part of staying healthy and in shape. It is very important to eat right to get the above in perfect balance. And eating right should have to rob you of sweetness.

Refined sugar is nothing but bad news to your health. It has everything that can throw a wrench into your journey to a healthy life.

But how does Stevia help weight loss?

Stevia has zero calories. Nada. Nothing. Zilch! This is very important for calorie counters and weight watchers. Stevia helps people like these enjoy the good life without having to pay the ultimate price of ‘weight gain’!

Stevia is considered as ‘The most keto-friendly’ sugar substitute in the market and probably in the whole of nature itself. Since the glycemic index of Stevia is zero, it does not increase the blood sugar level in a patients body and hence truly is for keto dieters.

Keto diet has, throughout the years, helped millions of people lose weight and achieve their desired weight. Stevia, being the keto-compatible and keto-friendly sugar substitute, is just another example of how Stevia is perfect for weight loss.

Munching on a single Stevia Whole Dry Leaf can help reduce your sugar craving during your moment of weakness. This helps reduce your sugar craving without you having to forgo your weight management journey. Since Stevia is zero calories, it hardly creates a problem.

Studies have shown that Stevia can lead to a significant reduction in bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol levels. This benefits your health and your weight management like anything.

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