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Whole Dry Stevia Leaf -50g

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The Ecoheal Whole Dried Stevia Leaves are hygienically handpicked and dried to help you stay healthy and worry-free as you enjoy the delicious homemade sweets and sugared beverages made with Ecoheal Whole Dried Stevia Leaves.


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Glycemic Index of Stevia is zero & hence does not cause a spike in blood sugar level. Ideal for diabetic patients
Stevia contains no sugar and almost no calories, helping you keep your weight in check.
Stevia improves skin tone & fights against skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.
Unlike artificial sweeteners, Stevia does not cause neurological or renal side effects.
Stevia stimulates the beta-cells in pancreas to produce more insulin, thereby keeping the blood sugar levels in control.
Stevia can strengthen blood vessels, promote cell regeneration and blood coagulation.
The paste created from powdered Stevia leaves can be applied to the scalp to prevent dandruff.
Stevia can help heal external wounds, burns and acne with less scarring.
Stevia aids in increasing bone mineral density and treats osteoporosis.
Stevia is an excellent detoxing agent
Stevia can reduce bacterial formation in the mouth. It also prevents cavities and gingivitis.
Stevia tea provides a soothing feeling for an upset stomach.
Stevia can help you stay true to your ketogenic diet.


Herbal/Green Tea
sweeten your tea or milk

Directions of Use

To prepare Herbal/Green Tea, add 4 or 5 leaves to hot water and wait
1 to 2 minutes. Filter & enjoy. Adding a few drops of lemon, mint or ginger can truly elevate the flavour.
To sweeten your tea or milk, add 4 or 5 leaves to hot milk or water. Enjoy the sweetness without any aftereffects.


Per serving 2g
Energy (kcal)0
Carbohydrates (0 mg)0
Of which total sugar (g) (Sucrose)0
Protein (g)0
Fat (g)0
Of which saturated fat (g)0
Sodium (mg)0


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