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Stevia Sugarless Sweetener -100g

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The Ecoheal Stevia Powder has zero carbs, zero calories and a glycemic index of zero and hence is the perfect natural sweetener that can replace sugar from your life without letting go of the sweetness.


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Ecoheal Stevia powder is a natural substitute that does not contribute to calories and does not raise blood sugar levels. Hence is ideal for diabetic patients.


Cooking & Baking

Dietary Usage

ideal for adding sweetness to your hot or cold beverages, baking delicious cakes or creating lip-smacking Indian sweets.


Per serving 1g
Energy (kcal)0
Carbohydrates (0 mg)0
Of which total sugar (g) (Sucrose0
Protein (g)0
Fat (g)0
Of which saturated fat (g) 0
Sodium (mg)0


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