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refined and unrefined coconut oil

Howdy all, Welcome back to our blog. Today you gonna learn the right difference between refined and unrefined coconut oil.

Coconut Oil is a versatile, wholesome, and healthy product that deserves to have its name etched into the annals of food history. It is one of the few foods that can be termed ‘SuperFood’ without any doubts or apprehensions. With no branches, a long trunk and leaves that are 4 to 8 meters long, Coconut tree itself is a wonder.

Its unique combination of fatty acids brings about a very positive effect on your overall health. This ranges from helping to remove cradle cap in babies to aid your fat loss journey.

Although Indians (especially South Indians) have always had coconut oil in its daily diet, the rest of the world has been slow to learn about this magic.

Even amongst people who have been using coconut oil for decades, there is confusion and uncertainty regarding the difference between Virgin Coconut Oil and Refined Coconut Oil.

If you’re reading this, you probably, too, have a little bit of confusion.

While all coconut oil is extracted from the meat of the coconut, it is the methods used to extract oil and process that differentiate them.

While people correlate ‘Refined’ with ‘Good’, it is not always so.

The more ‘refined’ coconut oil is, the more it is ‘bleached’ or ‘deodorised’ it is. That means, the coconut has been dried by the sun and has lost moisture to become copra. This refined coconut oil is considered as low-quality coconut oil. The number of refining processes leaves this type of oil lacking its nutrients and benefits that Coconut oil is famed for.

Refined Coconut Oil contains:
– Low quantities of free fatty acids (0.015%), low moisture content and small amounts of volatile matter.
– 10% w/w of triglycerides and high peroxides.
Minimal quantities of antioxidants or tocopherols

Extracted through the most natural way, unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil uses no artificial filtering and no chemicals. It has a slight aroma and nutty coconutty taste that is not too overpowering and is colourless in nature.

The antioxidant capability and nutritional benefits of coconut oil stay with unrefined Virgin coconut oil as no heat is applied.

– High quantities of free fatty acids; almost 8 times more than refined.
– Small amounts of amino acids and low peroxides.
– Contains antioxidants and tocopherols

We at Ecoheal Foods have ensured that our patrons enjoy only the best. Which is why our process is very detailed. At Ecoheal Foods, the manufacturing process of cold-processed coconut oil starts from the very selection of coconut itself.

The fibery husk is then removed and the hard coconut shell is broken to obtain the meat of the coconut, covered in thick brown coconut skin.

After the removal of the skin, the meat of the product is washed in RO Ozonized water. The clean, dirt and contaminant free coconut meat are then cut and grated, after which, coconut milk is extracted from it.

The oil is then separated from the milk through means of centrifuges. It is then packed in beautiful bottles that await you in stores.

Of the two choices, refined oil might be an affordable choice but the unrefined Virgin coconut oil stands as a healthier choice. Enjoy the unrefined goodness of Virgin coconut oil with Ecoheal.