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is stevia safe

‘Is Stevia safe for use?’ is a question that has been asked many times so much so that it has become an FAQ. People have become more health-conscious and aware of the serious health consequences that ordinary table sugar and processed artificial sweeteners can have on the human body.

While many are still unaware of nature’s sweetener, many still question the claim that stevia is sweeter than sugar and is a healthy alternative. From weight loss to better control of the blood sugar and cholesterol, stevia is godsent. Then, why is it that people are afraid of stevia or have concern over its health benefits?

The answer is simple. Ignorance. People tend to believe that sweet things are bad for health and can cause severe health problems. While this is true for many like ordinary table sugar and processed artificial sweeteners, stevia is way different from what people assume it could be.


  • Stevia and Diabetes

Stevia is perfect for people suffering from diabetes. Researches indicate that stevia is an effective and natural way of controlling blood sugar. A small study even suggests that turning to stevia as alongside a meal led to a decrease in blood sugar level compared to a control group that was given the same amount of corn starch.

Using stevia in daily life is, in fact, better and safer than ordinary table sugar as it helps maintain a normal blood sugar level if one is suffering from diabetes.

  • Stevia and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of great significance in the life of a woman. Hence, diet and nutrition are given much importance during this period. Since gestational diabetes is of great concern, women tend to cut sugar completely from their diet.

With FDA deeming stevia as safe for usage even during pregnancy, the concern of side effects of using stevia while pregnant has been lifted.

Stevia has been classified as GRAS (Generally classified as safe) by the FDA.

  • Stevia and Kids

Children tend to be very attracted to sugar and sugary desserts. Increased sugar content in the diet of children can cause obesity, increased blood sugar levels and even heart disease.

Substituting sugar with sugar could potentially reduce the effects and risks of elevated blood sugar. While it is desirable to reduce sugar intake, kids can be very persuasive and adamant. Hence substituting sugar with stevia can help transition them onto a path of healthier tomorrows.

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