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Are all Virgin Coconut Oil VIRGIN

The answer to this blog is a simple ‘NO‘.

Not all Virgin Coconut Oils are ‘Virgin’. To understand what this means, we have to dig a little deeper and learn a bit more. We have to understand what the Virgin stands for in the oil’s name and why it is important in this day and age.

Virginity of an oil indicates the ways of processing the oil has undergone. Since there is no official global scale to convey which is better, people just take their word for it without understanding what is the most beneficial and bang for their buck.

Here’s a bit of knowledge about Virgin Coconut Oil that will help you go a long way. The following are the main types of Virgin Coconut Oils.

Just because something has been done for years doesn’t mean that it is the best method. They never had the technology that the 21st century has.

The traditional way or Grandma’s version was to get coconut milk from Coconut shavings and then heat the milk until the oil surfaces. This is a very old method that utilizes heat and reduces the quality of the oil. It neutralises the benefits that the oil processes.

The use of heat to obtain the oil creates a pungent aroma that isn’t very lovable. The smell can make

This process utilizes the power of airborne lactic acid bacteria. The process starts with coconut milk extraction and is allowed to stand for a day or so. With the help of favourable conditions, the oil will separate from the water and protein. The oil is separated by airborne lactic acid bacteria.

Cold pressing might seem the perfect method of obtaining Virgin Coconut Oil but it isn’t so. Much like the other methods above, this method uses heat! The coconut meat is first grated and then dried with heat! This takes away many benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil.

Cold Processed method is made with the help of wet milling and centrifuge. Unlike the other processes mentioned above, this process does not use heat one bit. This also ensures that there isn’t any loss of benefits as heat doesn’t change the structure of Virgin Coconut Oil.

This process provides extremely pure and raw coconut oil. Since it uses no heat, there is only a mild coconutty aroma and taste.

The consensus is that the less the heat, the better the oil is. Let us make one thing clear, not all Virgin Coconut Oils are created equal, but some are more equal than others.

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