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A few ways to use Stevia Leaves

If something feels like it is too good to be true, it is”. This is something we are conditioned to think from our very childhood. Because of this subconscious thought, we believe that we don’t deserve the good things in life. But not all good news is followed by bad news!

Stevia is a natural, calorie-free sweetener that is many times sweeter than sugar without any of the side-effects that sugar comes with. Unlike the artificial sweeteners that flood the market, Stevia is created from leaves. Pure, ordinary-looking leaves.

Here are some of the uses of Stevia Whole Dried Leaves that you might want to try out and enjoy.

Sweeten your tea
Everyone enjoys tea with a bit of sweetness. With Stevia Whole Dried Leaves, you can enjoy sweet tea without having to worry about your diabetes or weight-management diet. Because Stevia is sweeter than ordinary sugar, do add the leaves cautiously. They can make your tea sweeter than you prefer. Find your perfect balance by adding them one by one.

A breakfast smoothie is meant to smoothen the day and keep you energetic. The processed and artificial sweeteners shouldn’t ruin it. Start your day with a smoothie that doesn’t cause you to regret by adding a few leaves of stevia to the smoothie. Much like testing the waters before jumping into it, always make sure that you find your perfect sweetness.

Create healthier snacks
Cooking and baking sweet dishes won’t make you feel guilty anymore. By using stevia leaves to create Indian, Mediterranean or any other type of dishes, add stevia leaves to get the deserved amount of sweetness.

Something to add sweetness
Some people crave a little bit of sweetness to savour during the day. A single leaf of stevia can keep your sweet loving palate happy. Grab a leaf and munch on it for sweetness without consequences.

There are many benefits that tag along as you switch to Stevia. The main benefit is that it helps you cut down on calories and keep your blood glucose level stable.

Ecoheal, with the sole purpose of introducing the healthiest food to your kitchen, brings you Ecoheal Stevia Whole Dried Leaves.

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